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New approaches to combating malaria

Updated 25 April 2014, 12:53 AEST

World Malaria Day reminds us of the life threatening disease, that is both preventable and curable.

Tony Pua, publicity secretary, Democratic Action Party and federal MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, Malaysia

Anwar snub dents Obama's local credibility, says Malaysian opposition

Updated 24 April 2014, 12:15 AEST

Malaysia's opposition says the decision by President Barack Obama not to meet Anwar Ibrahim during his current Asian tour will diminish the American leader's standing in the eyes of Malaysians.

Dan Sultan

Dan Sultan performs live on Radio Australia

24 April 2014, 15:06 AEST

Acclaimed Melbourne based singer/songwriter Dan Sultan visited Radio Australia’s studios to talk about his new album and perform a striking rendition of his song, 'The Same Man'.

Everest avalanche

Climbing season under threat after fatal Everest avalanche

Updated 23 April 2014, 16:07 AEST

The funerals have begun in Nepal for the sherpa guides killed in the deadliest recorded avalanche on the world's highest mountain.

South Korea takes on 'big tobacco'

Updated 23 April 2014, 13:49 AEST

South Korea's national health insurer is suing three tobacco firms for compensation.

Uni students sitting exam (pic: Martin Bureau)

Is China alone in keeping tabs on its students overseas?

Updated 22 April 2014, 15:29 AEST

Australia's Fairfax Media is reporting that China is building large covert spy networks inside Australia's leading universities.

ISI under suspicion after attack on Pakistani journalist

Updated 22 April 2014, 11:51 AEST

Pakistani journalists are demanding better protection from the government after yet another attack on a prominent reporter in the country's largest city, Karachi.

International influence needed to reform Pakistan's military

Updated 22 April 2014, 12:19 AEST

The Geo News channel presenter's brother, Amir Mir, has accused the powerful military intelligence service, the ISI of being responsible for the attack.

Australia's Jessica Mauboy will be Eurovision's first solo performer outside the European Union.

Australia's Jessica Mauboy makes Eurovision history

Updated 22 April 2014, 11:19 AEST

For the first time, an Australian singer will become the first solo artist from a non-EU country to perform at the iconic European Song Contest.

Malaysia mourns death of legendary rights lawyer, MP Karpal Singh

Updated 17 April 2014, 12:22 AEST

Malaysia is mourning the death of one of its Opposition leaders in a road accident early this morning.

East Timor and China move closer

Updated 16 April 2014, 12:40 AEST

China and East Timor have strengthened their relationship during a week long visit to China by Xanana Gusmao.

Joe Camilleri marks his 50th anniversary

'Certified Blue' marks 50 years for Joe Camilleri

Updated 14 April 2014, 14:37 AEST
Australian musician and songwriter, Joe Camilleri celebrates 50 years in the music business, with the release of a new album, 'Certified Blue'.

MH370 searchers facing daunting under water conditions

Updated 11 April 2014, 12:37 AEST

The head of the Australian-based effort searching for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 says it could still be many days before anything is found.


The little book that gives hope to stroke survivors and their caregivers

Updated 10 April 2014, 16:55 AEST
A humorous book with a slightly rude title, deals with the serious issue of stroke and gives hope to sufferers, their caregivers and anyone else facing adversity. 
Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, virologist who co-discovered HIV in 1983. Professor Barre-Sinoussi is President of the International AIDS Society.

HIV - The Thirty Year Marathon

Updated 10 April 2014, 13:18 AEST

The prominent French virologist Professor Francoise Barre-Sinoussi says scientists have not lost the sense of urgency in seeking a cure for HIV-AIDS. 

Beijing shaking hands

Melbourne and Beijing unite over mental health illness

Updated 11 April 2014, 16:29 AEST

Schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder will be among the mental health issues tackled by a new Peking University based, University of Melbourne backed research and training facility.


Voters head to the polls in key Indonesian legislative elections

Updated 9 April 2014, 11:57 AEST

Polling is under way in Indonesia's general elections.

Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, virologist who co-discovered HIV in 1983. Professor Barre-Sinoussi is President of the International AIDS Society.

HIV pioneer says collaboration paramount to eventual cure

Updated 10 April 2014, 13:20 AEST

The prominent French virologist Professor Francoise Barre-Sinoussi says scientists have not lost the sense of urgency in seeking a cure for HIV-AIDS.

Australia seeking to tap into Japanese weapons technology

Updated 8 April 2014, 14:13 AEST

Australia is building on its existing security arrangements with Japan.

Solomon Islands - Phil Kafcaloudes

Disaster personally affects Solomon Islands PM office

Updated 8 April 2014, 13:39 AEST
Flash floods and landslides caused by heavy rain and strong winds in Solomon Islands have left at least 23 people dead with the number expected to rise.

Taiwanese students vow to end parliament sit-in

Updated 8 April 2014, 14:14 AEST

Student protesters in Taiwan who occupied the parliament building for nearly three weeks have agreed to end their sit-in.

CWA gifts baby bundles to PNG mothers

CWA gifts baby bundles to PNG mothers

Updated 7 April 2014, 17:01 AEST
The Country Women's Association (CWA) is now sending care packs to mothers and prospective mothers in Papua New Guinea and other Pacific countries.

Runoff expected after Afghan presidential vote

Updated 7 April 2014, 12:45 AEST

The turnout for Afghanistan's presidential has been larger than expected, despite threats of violence by the Taliban.

Solomon Islands capital hit by devastating floods

Updated 4 April 2014, 13:50 AEST

A major relief effort is under way in Solomon Islands after torrential rain and flash flooding in the capital Honiara washed away hundreds of homes and other buildings.

Many Indonesian parties deaf to voters' needs

Updated 4 April 2014, 9:38 AEST

Indonesia's 186 million voters have their chance to change the nation next week when they cast their ballot in the general election.

Australian trade envoys pack their bags for north Asia

Updated 3 April 2014, 17:23 AEST

Australia's largest ever trade delegation is in its final stages of preparation in its bid to sign a "trifecta of trade deals" in North Asia.

Vale Irene Fernandez - Fearless Malaysian champion of rights

Updated 1 April 2014, 13:34 AEST

One of Malaysia's most recognisable rights campaigner, Irene Fernandez has died of heart failure at the age of 67.

Myanmar census prompts renewed sectarian violence

Updated 31 March 2014, 14:49 AEST

Myanmar has begun its first United Nations-backed census in 30 years.

WHO records new Asia milestone in fight against polio

Updated 1 April 2014, 14:24 AEST

The World Health Organisation says Southeast Asia is on track to being declared polio-free.

Former AFL legend Shane Crawford talks about life after footy

Former AFL legend Shane Crawford talks about life after footy

Updated 26 March 2014, 14:53 AEST

A new series of children's books with football themes have been co-authored by former AFL player and Brownlow medallist, Shane Crawford.   

Gomyo and Grigoryan play a double Paganini delight

Gomyo and Grigoryan play a double Paganini delight

Updated 25 March 2014, 17:02 AEST

World renowned musicians, violinist Karen Gomyo and Australian guitarist Slava Grigoryan put their talents on show with a performance of Paganini's - Centone di Sonate for violin and guitar.

Indonesia's influence on police development in East Timor

Updated 26 March 2014, 13:33 AEST

Fourteen years after its establishment, East Timor's police force is still striving for greater professionalism and effective policing.

India's hijras remain on the political edge despite electoral reform

Updated 25 March 2014, 13:34 AEST

For the first time, India's transgender community is to be officially recognised in the country's electoral process.

Kajang tick of approval for Malaysian Opposition

Updated 24 March 2014, 13:53 AEST

Malaysia's opposition Parti Keadilan has won the Kajang by-election as expected, but with a reduced margin.

Sam Rainsy in studio with Phil

Sam Rainsy to consider amnesty for Hun Sen

Updated 24 March 2014, 15:43 AEST

Cambodia's opposition leader, Sam Rainsy, says he will consider granting Hun Sen an amnesty, when and if the prime minister steps down.

BJP woos Indian voters with big infrastructure plans

Updated 20 March 2014, 13:39 AEST

Opposition leader and possibly India's next prime minister, Narendra Modi has chosen to stand in the holy city of Varanasi.

Cockatoo in Renaissance painting baffles historians

Cockatoo in Italian Renaissance painting baffles historians

Updated 20 March 2014, 16:38 AEST

The presence of an Australasian native bird in an Italian painting from the year 1496 has made historians rethink their understanding of 15th century trading routes.

Barry Ryan and Barry Ryan Eloise 2 cover

When Barry Ryan met Barry Ryan, thanks to a Tax Office mistake

Updated 18 March 2014, 13:39 AEST

What happens when two people with the same name meet as a result of a mix up by the Tax Department?  They record a song together that was originally a huge hit for one of them back in the sixties, of course!

Cambodian Opposition threatens talks walkout

Updated 18 March 2014, 13:47 AEST

Cambodia's Opposition has threatened to abandon talks on breaking a seven-month political deadlock, unless Prime Minister Hun Sen showed some 'goodwill'.

Veteran activist to lead Thailand's Red Shirts in counter protests

Updated 17 March 2014, 14:24 AEST

Supporters of embattled Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra are threatening to counter anti-government protestors who have disrupted key parts of Bangkok for months.

Aussie farm boy performs the Hajj - an account by Nicholas Hughes

Updated 14 March 2014, 13:27 AEST

Performing the Hajj, or the pilgrimage to Mecca, is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Fresh and sustainable development models needed

Updated 13 March 2014, 13:03 AEST

India's rush towards development has come at a cost.

Rohingya camps facing dire conditions after medical pullout

Updated 12 March 2014, 13:50 AEST

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar still lack health care two weeks after the government ordered the international medical charity MSF to leave Rakhine State.

Human traffickers fuel false passport trade

Updated 11 March 2014, 13:37 AEST

The missing Malaysian Airlines flight captured world headlines, and while terrorism has not been confirmed, it is known that two passengers were travelling on false passports.

Computer image of facebook from Flick creative commons

Facebook: could it cost you a fortune?

Updated 18 March 2014, 8:18 AEST

Whether you like to use Facebook, Twitter or any form of social media, it's important to keep on the right side of the law or it could cost you a fortune. Laidback and friendly as it feels, social media is still susceptible to defamation laws that transcend borders. 

Anwar defence team set to take sodomy conviction to Federal Court

Updated 10 March 2014, 13:43 AEST

Malaysia's opposition has announced that Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will replace her husband, Anwar Ibrahim, as Parti Keadilan's candidate in the Kajang by-election.

Missing Lao activist's wife speaks out, appeals for information

Updated 7 March 2014, 13:43 AEST

The wife of abducted Lao rights advocate Sombath Somphone has called on Australia to help maintain the pressure on Laos to do more to resolve the case.

Children in Laos vulnerable to unexploded bombs

Updated 5 March 2014, 13:13 AEST

Forty years since the end of the Vietnam War, unexploded bombs are still causing harm in Laos.

East Timor's draft press law under fire

Updated 4 March 2014, 13:31 AEST

Journalists and civil rights groups in East Timor have criticised the government's planned media law.

North Korea to free detained Australian missionary

Updated 3 March 2014, 13:42 AEST

North Korea says it's decided to expel Australian missionary John Short.

All aboard! Cambodia has another go at embracing the public bus

Updated 28 February 2014, 14:11 AEST

Cambodia is for a second time experimenting with a public bus service in the capital, Phnom Penh.

India's politicians navigate a fast-changing voter landscape

Updated 27 February 2014, 14:35 AEST

The US ambassador to India, Nancy Powell, has met with Opposition leader and chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi.

Indian researchers hold high hopes for cancer tissue bank

Updated 26 February 2014, 13:44 AEST

India has set up of a cancer tissue bio-bank, the first community-based venture of this kind, in the southern city of Chennai.

Cambodia request 'profoundly concerning,' says refugee advocate

Updated 24 February 2014, 13:57 AEST

Australia's earlier attempt to send asylum-seekers to a third country was scuttled, when the High Court ruled in August 2011, that the-then Labor government's move was illegal.

Indonesia, Saudi Arabia ink domestic worker protection pact

Updated 21 February 2014, 14:41 AEST

Indonesia and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement which aims to give Indonesian maids better protection.

Australian army chief says climate change will impact miltary role

Updated 20 February 2014, 12:30 AEST

Just days after US Secretary of State John Kerry proclaimed climate change to be a 'weapon of mass destruction,' Australia's Army Chief says it's the great challenge of our time.

Anger image

Is anger redundant? Why we've evolved past a need for rage

Updated 19 February 2014, 16:09 AEST

Anger doesn't need to be an accepted emotion in the twenty-first century, and it can be overcome, according to one of Australia's leading psychologists.

Thai rice scheme hits fresh trouble

Updated 19 February 2014, 13:17 AEST

Thailand's troubled rice subsidy scheme has suffered a fresh blow, with the Government Savings Bank withdrawing financial support.

Indonesia's emissions record lends complexity to climate issue

Updated 17 February 2014, 14:06 AEST

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has highlighted the devastating impact of severe weather events on the peoples and economies of Asia.

More males are born in Australia, but many men leave to pursue career opportunities overseas.

Australia in a man drought

Updated 17 February 2014, 12:41 AEST

There are 100,000 more women than men in Australia, confirming what many single women in the country already suspect - Australia is suffering a man drought.

Taking stock 100 days after Typhoon Haiyan

Updated 14 February 2014, 12:26 AEST

The United Nations says there is a 'huge gap' in the Philippine government's response in providing shelter and livelihood to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.

Staff in the studio for World Radio Day

Reaching out across the world on World Radio Day

Updated 13 February 2014, 14:59 AEST

Radio Australia's Seda Douglas, Mu Laing Thien and Caroline Tiriman join Phil Kafcaloudes to celebrate the power of radio.

Sarawak strongman sets resignation date

Updated 13 February 2014, 14:03 AEST

The controversial chief minister of Sarawak state in eastern Malaysia will resign by the end of this month.

Bruce Lee graffiti. Image by Giga Paitchadze

Are Asian men in Australia undateable?

Updated 13 February 2014, 10:09 AEST

A report on intermarriage in Australia conducted by Monash University finds higher rates of intermarriage for women than men in all of the East Asian and South-East Asian birthplace groups.

Islamic higher education in Indonesia and gender equality

Updated 13 February 2014, 13:05 AEST

As Indonesia continues its path to democracy, it's youth face the conflicting influences of western liberal values and conservative Islam.

Malaysian satirical video goes viral on YouTube

Updated 11 February 2014, 14:50 AEST

A Malaysian opposition leader and MP who posted a satirical Chinese New Year video on YouTube, has been subjected to threats.

Asian farmers introduced to flood-resistant 'scuba rice'

Updated 6 February 2014, 14:18 AEST

Scientists are promoting the benefits of a rice variety called 'Scuba rice' to help boost the food security of flood-prone communities in Asia and the Pacific.

The Everyday Racism app allows you to experience racism

New app challenges 'Everyday Racism'

Updated 5 February 2014, 17:03 AEST
Imagine living in the shoes of an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman or even an Indian student for a week. The 'Everyday Racism' app will help you do just that, and let you experience first hand the various scenarios that racial prejudice may take.
A three year undercover operation in China has revealed as many as 600 whale sharks a year are killed to supply one factory alone.

Whale shark slaughter in China exposed

Updated 6 February 2014, 9:05 AEST

A three year undercover operation in China has revealed as many as 600 whale sharks a year are killed to supply one factory alone.

Humanitarian and Social Justice Advocate, Kay Danes

Laos social justice advocate appointed to the Order of Australia

Updated 4 February 2014, 16:46 AEST

Kay Danes' life has had some unexpected and unwelcome twists but the Australian social justice advocate has been rewarded with a Medal of the Order of Australia.

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