come out

更新于 2 November 2012, 12:58 AEDT

动词短语 to ‘come out’表示暴露、披露、曝光的意思。

‘What recommendations have come out of the research that you’ve done?’

动词短语 to ‘come out’表示暴露、披露、曝光的意思。 我们看个例句:

‘The whole truth came out at the murder trial.’在谋杀审判中整个事实被全盘揭露。

To ‘come out’ 也指结果的意思。举个例子:

‘Don’t worry, everything will come out all right.’别担心,最终一切都会顺利解决。

To ‘come out’ or ‘to come out of the closet’则是表示某人公开其同性恋或双性恋的性取向。 看一个例句:

‘He decided it was time to come out to his parents.’他决定是向双亲开诚布公公开其性取向的时候了。