Fukushima taiko drummers to perform thank you concert in Hawaii | ABC Radio Australia

Fukushima taiko drummers to perform thank you concert in Hawaii

Fukushima taiko drummers to perform thank you concert in Hawaii

Terbit 3 July 2014, 15:32 AEST

When the Tohoku region of Japan was devasted by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster back in 2011 it's not surprising that the people of Maui, Hawaii's second largest island, dug deep in their pockets and hearts to help the people affected.   

Japanese people first came to Hawaii in numbers in the mid1800's to work in the sugar industry, and Japanese culture has had a marked influence on modern culture in Hawaii.

Maui is home to the Lahaina Jodo Mission, a Japanese Buddhist temple that will this weekend feature a special free concert, the  "Mahalo Hawaii: Drums of Fukushima Sunset Concert." 

The concert features four member groups of the Fukushima Taiko Union who will be performing to thank their friends in Maui for their generous support in the wake of the triple disaster.  Taiko is the Japanese word for drum.

Strong ties were formed between the Fukushima Taiko Union and the Maui Taiko group when Maui Taiko toured parts of Fukushima in 2012 and were invited to perform at the Union's yearly concert.

Kay Fukumoto is the founder and President of Maui Taiko, and she says reason for the 2012 tour was to bring some happiness and Hawaiian Aloha to the many thousands of people who had suffered in the wake of the triple disaster.

Ms Fukumoto says that many friendships were made in the process, and it was those connections that led to the concert which will be held on Sunday July 6.

"This is the twenty-fifth anniversary year for the Taiko Union and so they wanted to come to Maui and provide a concert for the people of Hawaii to extend their gratitude and appreciation for everything that Hawaii did for them during their difficult time."

Featured in the concert program will be a joint performance by the group Soma Nomaio Daiko and Maui Taiko.  The piece they will perform was taught to Maui Taiko during their Aloha tour to Japan in 2012, and Kay Fukumoto says it will be performance full of emotion.

Other groups performing on the evening include Adatara Daiko Hozonkai, Iwashironokuni Koriyama Uneme Daiko Hozonkai and Atago Jindaiko Renkyo Kazegumi.  


Presenter:   Heather Jarvis 
Speakers:    Kay Fukumoto, Founder and President of Maui Taiko




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