John Lever: Kissed by a croc

John Lever: Kissed by a croc

John Lever: Kissed by a croc

Terbit 30 June 2014, 14:54 AEST

A crocodile hunter and conservationist who runs a crocodile farm in Queensland says he found a love for the aquatic reptiles while working in PNG.

John Lever, the man tagged as the real 'Crocodile Dundee', said he initally went to PNG for only a couple of years after becoming bored with his research position at the CSIRO in Melbourne.   
But, as he told Adelaine Ng, while promoting his new book, Kissed by a Croc, "I ended up staying for 7 years and falling in love with crocs."  
Fast forward several years and Mr Lever is now based in Central Queensland where he's established the first commercial crocodile farm in Queensland, which is home to more than 3000 crocodiles.
And some sage advice from Mr Lever about what to do if you're suddenly confronted by a croc at close range:  "Well, you get out of there - it's as simple as that!"
Presenter:  Adelaine Ng
Speaker:    John Lever, crocodile hunter and conservationist

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