Take your time: Ken Duncan's life journey through photographs

Take your time: Ken Duncan's life journey through photographs

Take your time: Ken Duncan's life journey through photographs

Terbit 30 June 2014, 14:46 AEST

Australian photographer Ken Duncan is passionate about photography but says too many people today snap photos in a hurry and fail to print them.

The multi-award winning photographer renowned for his landscape images is concerned about trends that see people leave their photos in social media and no where else.
"At a time when there's never been more photos taken, people are doing so much less with them other than Facebook or Instagram and that is a very low-level usage of photography," he says. 
Ken Duncan is also passionate about the stories behind photos. His latest book, Life's a Journey, is a collection of photos, stories and reflections on his experiences.
"It starts with photos taken by my mum and dad as missionaries up in the Kimberleys with Indigenous peoples...My dad recorded those with a black and white camera. We don't understand but it's our story that can often be something we can leave for future generations and it's part of our DNA".
He also says there are no shortcuts to getting beautiful photos. "I really believe it's disrespectful to just turn up, click and then leave and put a notch in your built and say I've been there".
Ken Duncan's relationship with Aborigines has also seen him involved in a project to build a Christian cross 20 meters tall on top of a mountain in central Australia.
"This cross for them will build tourism opportunities...they'll be able to run tours and some of the photographers out there (will be able to) take people and share their land and show the beautiful areas around there."
Presenter: Adelaine Ng
Speaker: Ken Duncan, photographer, author of Life's A Journey

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