Tuesday 26th July 2016

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Sir Arnold Amet urges govt to call off Papua New Guinea-pig mining experiment

Former PNG Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Sir Arnold Amet, has joined the campaign against Solwara 1, the deep sea mining project in the Bismarck Sea off New Ireland province which is due to start operations in 2018.

Focussed and happy - PNG's Toea Wisil out to run even faster in Rio

Fresh from achieving the Olympic 100 metre qualifying mark in Fiji two weeks ago, Papua New Guinea's star athlete Toea Wisil says she feels she can do even better in Rio.

Transparency Solomon Islands: $1.6m govt delegation to Taiwan "not value for money"

In Solomon Islands, there's strong condemnation from the Opposition and on social media after claims that Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare's government has spent more than SBD$1.6 million sending him along with a delegation of 15 MPs and officials to Taiwan.

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