Monday 15th September 2014

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Election blackout in Fiji with the polls two days away

Updated 15 September 2014, 10:17 AEST

With two days left before Fijians go the polls, a blackout is due to come into effect in less than half an hour from now, banning all political activity and, it would appear, any expression of political opinions.

Vanuatu's leaders to vote for a president on Wednesday

Updated 15 September 2014, 10:23 AEST

To Vanuatu now where the fallout continues from the deportation of Australian lawyer Robert Herd for being involved in local politics.

Fijian peacekeepers freed, hailed as 'heroes'

Updated 12 September 2014, 17:09 AEST

It's been a difficult two weeks in Fiji, as the families of 45 captured UN peacekeepers waited anxiously, along with the entire country, for news of their fate.

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