Tuesday 27th January 2015

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Family of Hanuabada victim says community angry at PNG police

Updated 26 January 2015, 18:25 AEDT

Tensions are still high in Hanuabada village in Port Moresby after police shot and killed two local men last Friday.

Hanuabada plans to march for answers about civilian deaths in police clash

Updated 26 January 2015, 13:35 AEDT

Police and community leaders are trying to calm serious tensions on the outskirts of the PNG capital Port Morseby after two men were shot and killed during clashes with police in the village of Hanuabada.

King tides flooding Marshall Islands sign of things to come

Updated 23 January 2015, 17:38 AEDT

There's been widespread flooding in Marshall Islands after a king tide battered the shores of several islands, including the capital Majuro.

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