Monday 26th January 2015

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King tides flooding Marshall Islands sign of things to come

Updated 23 January 2015, 17:38 AEDT

There's been widespread flooding in Marshall Islands after a king tide battered the shores of several islands, including the capital Majuro.

Tonga's new Prime Minister urges voters to give him time to get the job done

Updated 23 January 2015, 11:15 AEDT

Tonga's new Prime Minister has rejected accusations of nepotism and defended appointing his son as his personal assistant.

Solomon Islands chief justice speaks out on corruption

Updated 22 January 2015, 17:52 AEDT

Solomon Islands chief justice Sir Albert Palmer has called on the government to get its house in order on corruption, and to ensure new appointments do not go to cronies and relatives of those in power.

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