Monday 23rd October 2017

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Hundreds turn out in Suva to protest against the government's labour policies

Up to five hundred people joined a march in the Fijian capital Suva at the weekend, organized by the Fiji Trades Union Congress to protest against a long list of concerns.

Repatriation of Ambae Islanders going to plan says Vanuatu NDMO

A huge effort is underway in Vanuatu to return home many of the thousands of Ambae Islanders who were evacuated last month when the Manaro Volcano threatened to erupt.

Fijian Drua loss to Queensland down to overconfidence, says coach Seni Seruvakula

It was a hard-fought battle in searing heat in Lautoka at the weekend, but in the end, Queensland Country were just too good for the Fijian Drua, the home side going down 17 points to 24.

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