Saturday 30th May 2015

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Nauru president Baron Waqa details Facebook, media issues at UN commission

Updated 29 May 2015, 17:26 AEST

Nauru's president has used his keynote address at the United Nations' Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, ESCAP, to launch a fiery defence of his government's ban on Facebook.

Decision on Great Barrier Reef 'in danger' listing just hours away

Updated 29 May 2015, 12:35 AEST

Australia is just hours away from learning whether UNESCO's World Heritage Committee intends to list the Great Barrier Reef on the 'in danger' list.

Australia's Frontier Resources teams up with Gold Ridge landowners for mine restart

Updated 28 May 2015, 17:16 AEST

Small Australian mineral exploration company Frontier Resources says it has created a new model of Melanesian resource ownership with Solomon Islands landowners.

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