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Neil Armstrong smiles from the lunar module Eagle after walking on the surface of the moon.

Memories of Neil Armstrong from one of his friends Jay Barbree

Updated 25 July 2014, 14:08 AEST

Former NBC reporter talks about his friendship with one of the most famous men in the world.

Some people hoarding things for ages

How to stop hoarding and learn to throw things away

Updated 25 July 2014, 14:07 AEST

A discussion of why some people feel the need to never throw anything away.

Joey Joleen Mataele at PSDN stand during AIDS 2014 in Melbourne

Giving a voice to Pacific sexual minorities at AIDS 2014

Updated 25 July 2014, 14:04 AEST

The Pacific Sexual Diversity Network represents the rights of sexual minorities in the Pacific, one of many organisations fighting discrimination at AIDS 2014 in Melbourne.

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