Monday 23rd October 2017

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A Fiji employers group says the unionists' demand for raising the minimum wage to four dollars an hour is unrealistic

The trade union march through Suva at the weekend was calling for several changes in labour policy, one of which is a rise in the minimum wage from two dollars sixty eight to four dollars an hour. Fiji Employers Federation CEO Nesbit Hazelman told Bruce Hill that few people are actually employed at the minimum wage, and the effects of a jump to four dollars would be damaging to the economy.

Specialised help for Ambae evacuees with disabilities

For those Ambae evacuees with disabilities, the evacuation has been particularly difficult. Motivation Australia and its Ni-Vanuatu partners have been working to help get mobility aids to those that need it - so far, they've identified almost three hundred people who need additional support. Motivation Australia's Vanuatu Project Officer, Claire Ibell says they are now working to provide mobility devices and wheelchairs before the islanders head back home.

Concerns about fresh water supply in Solomon Islands after volcano eruption

In Solomon Islands there are concerns communities living in the remote Reef Islands in the country's east are at risk of running out of fresh water supplies after the Tinakula volcano erupted at the weekend with heavy ashfall contaminating fresh water supplies. Chris Bone from the NGO OceansWatch has worked in the region for several years and he has been in contact with people in the area.

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