One-day strike for Fiji coup opponents

One-day strike for Fiji coup opponents

One-day strike for Fiji coup opponents

Updated 30 March 2012, 14:46 AEDT

Fijians opposed to the nation's military-installed government are being urged to stay away from work on May Day as a symbolic protest.

The act of passive resistance is being organised by an informal network of cyber-activists known as the Fiji Freedom Bloggers.

One activist, known as "Fijian Black", says the group has been using internet sites to voice concerns over what he calls an illegal and authoritarian government.

Fijian Black says workers who call in sick on Tuesday 1 May will strike a symbolic blow at the interim government, while avoiding possible reprisals.

"We also think (the passive strike) is in line with our cultural values and what we espouse as a nation," he writes on his blog.

"Being in the Pacific we like to do things the Pacific way, peacefully, consultatively; and we think that this is the way that people can voice their opinion without having to be taken up to one of the military installations".

Fiji's former government, led by Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, was ousted in a coup led by military chief Frank BainImarama in December last year.

Suva has been repeatedly urged to return to democracy by Australia and New Zealand.