Fiji May Day protest has mixed success

Fiji May Day protest has mixed success

Fiji May Day protest has mixed success

Updated 30 March 2012, 13:20 AEDT

Reports from Fiji suggest that calls for a day of industrial action in protest against the interim military government to coincide with May Day yesterday have had a mixed response.

The protest was organised and promoted by an internet group which calls itself the "Freedom Bloggers".

Since the coup last December the group has used the internet to attack interim prime minister and coup leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama and his cabinet, and to question the government's actions.

One of the anonymous bloggers, who calls himself "Fijian Black", told Pacific Beat he feels there was a good response.

However military spokesman Neumi Leweni insists there was little or no absenteeism on Tuesday.

Major Leweni described the blog protest as an annoyance and says that the government wants those responsible stopped, although for now it will choose to ignore them.

Meanwhle, Fiji's public emergency laws have again been extended and will now stay in place until 31 May.

A Fijian delegation to the European Union in Brussels last month promised not to extend the laws beyond 31 May, subject to any threats to national security, public order and safety.