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Four million ready for PNG election

Four million ready for PNG election

Four million ready for PNG election

Updated 19 December 2011, 16:44 AEDT

Almost four million Papua New Guineans have begun voting this morning in a national poll.

Over the next 11 days they'll vote for PNG's eighth national parliament.

Both the government and electoral officals hope there will not be a repeat of the violence of the last election which left many people dead in the Highland Provinces.

Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney is in Port Moresby.

He says Papua New Guineans like Kevau Banamu know what they want from the person who ends up representing them in Parliament.

Kevau and her friends say they want to see some of the increased earnings that have come from an economy swollen by high Asian demand for resources.

They're aware their country's earning more money, and that their government's claimed credit for it.

But with high unemployment, poverty and violent crime affecting all regions, they want to see where that money's being spent. Polling runs until the 11 of July.