Lifting of Nepal child adoption ban

Lifting of Nepal child adoption ban

Lifting of Nepal child adoption ban

Updated 19 December 2011, 15:30 AEDT

Nepal's Government says it will allow 58 foreign agencies to process requests by families wishing to adopt children from the Himalayan nation, ending months of uncertainty.

Nepal put on hold adoption of its children last year after news of widespread corruption and criticism that some children were being sold off, leaving hundreds of families in confusion.

Prakash Kumar Adhikari, a senior official in the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare says foreign agencies could work as "intermediaries" between potential adopting families in their respective countries and the Nepali authorities.

He says the Government will accept requests through firms from Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Norway, the United States and Canada for adoption of Nepali children.

"These countries have a good social security system, including education and health care," he said.

"We'll soon start accepting applications from prospective families for adoption through the accredited agencies".

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and a Swiss child relief agency Terre des hommes said in a report in August that the sale, abduction and trafficking of children was common and Nepal should press for adoption by local families.