Dozens killed in Pakistan avalanche

Dozens killed in Pakistan avalanche

Dozens killed in Pakistan avalanche

Updated 3 January 2012, 19:12 AEDT

An avalanche killed at least 20 people in a remote mountain village in northern Pakistan and workers are struggling to free another 30 buried under snow and ice.

Police in northern Pakistan say at least 37 people are feared dead after an avalanche in a remote mountain village.

They say hope is faded of rescuing more survivors from the snow.

The disaster struck in Kohistan district, which borders Pakistan's mountainous Northern Areas.

Police say the area is blanketed in snow for most of the harsh winter, hampering efforts to reach the stricken area.

Seven people were also killed in a separate avalanche late on Monday in the northern district of Chitral.

Frequent avalanches and landslides block roads and leave communities isolated in the mountains of Pakistan, neighbouring Afghanistan and in Kashmir.

Last week in Afghanistan, 170 people were killed when massive avalanches of snow crashed onto a crowded road on a treacherous mountain pass in the Hindu Kush.

This month, avalanches killed 21 Indian soldiers in Kashmir.