Proview, Apple seeking 'iPad' settlement: Lawyer

Proview, Apple seeking 'iPad' settlement: Lawyer

Proview, Apple seeking 'iPad' settlement: Lawyer

Updated 7 May 2012, 21:21 AEST

A lawyer for a Chinese computer company which sued Apple over the rights to the iPad trademark in China says it's in talks for an out-of-court settlement.

Proview Technology has been locked in a legal fight with Apple over ownership of the Chinese rights to the "iPad" trademark, which both claim as their own.

The Proview lawyer Xie Xianghui has told the AFP news agency both are now negotiating a settlement but that they are disagreeing over the amount of money involved.

"Apple and Proview are both willing to reach a settlement and it would be beneficial for both sides to reach an agreement as quickly as possible," he said.

"Now the two sides are disputing the amount of compensation, because the difference between the demands of each party is relatively big."

Apple has declined to comment.

Proview's Taiwanese affiliate registered "iPad" as a trademark in several countries including China as early as 2000 -- years before Apple began selling its product.

Apple then bought the Taiwanese affiliate's rights - but Proview claims the deal did not include the trademark in mainland China.

Proview has sued Apple in both the United States and Shanghai, but a court in Shanghai decided against proceeding with the case.

It had also sought bans on iPad sales in China and blocks on imports into and exports out of the country.

Some reports say debt-ridden Proview owes $US400 million to the banks, seen by analysts as motivation to seek a settlement.