Climate scientist abuse emails released

Climate scientist abuse emails released

Climate scientist abuse emails released

Updated 25 May 2012, 11:11 AEST

The Australian National University has released a series of abusive emails which were sent to its climate change scientists.

The emails were released after a Freedom of Information request.

The 11 emails cover the first six months of last year.

One email, dated June 2, 2010, refers to an incident that ANU staff interpreted as a threat to use a gun.

The university's management initially turned down a Freedom of Information request to see the abusive emails, fearing it would lead to increased harassment.

But after intervention by the Privacy Commissioner, the emails have been released with the names and email addresses removed.

The ANU says the climate change scientists were moved to more secure offices on campus after several security threats.

Editor’s Note (May 25): Questions have been raised about whether one of the released emails did, in fact, constitute a threat to use a gun, with a person involved in the kangaroo culling program claiming the comments were made by him, and were in no way intended as a threat. This story also has been amended to clarify that the specific emails released under FOI contain abuse, but not overt threats.