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New Philippine claim to Spratleys

New Philippine claim to Spratleys

New Philippine claim to Spratleys

Updated 10 January 2013, 7:09 AEDT

The Philippines has asserted its right to develop parts of the disputed Spratley islands, following China's opposition to its plans to rehabilitate infrastructures on Pagasa island, which the Philippines claims as its own.

Foreign affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez says the Philippines is well within international law to develop Pagasa island as it is within the country's exclusive economic zone.

The island is located 285 nautical miles from the nearest Philippines province of Palawan.

Beijing has objected to Manila's plans to repair an airport runway and build new infrastructure facilities on the island, saying China has indisputable sovereignty over the Spratleys.

Meantime, the Philippines has opposed China's plans to develop Sansha city in the Spratleys which Beijing established last year to govern the contested island-chain.