NZ's aggressive television kids

NZ's aggressive television kids

NZ's aggressive television kids

Updated 19 February 2013, 15:47 AEDT

A New Zealand study says children who watch excessive amounts of television are more likely to have criminal convictions and show aggressive personality traits as adults.

The University of Otago study tracked the viewing habits of about 1,000 children aged five to 15.

They were born in the early 1970s.

The study then followed up when the subjects were 26, to assess potential impacts.

The research is published in the US journal, Pediatrics, this week.

It found a strong correlation between childhood exposure to television and anti-social behaviour in young adults.

Co-author Bob Hancox says the risk of having a criminal conviction by early adulthood increased by about 30 per cent with every hour that children spent watching television on a week night.