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Raised in Western Queensland, Campbell joined the ABC in 1997, and has reported on rural issues, mining, politics and sport, before taking responsibility for the Pacific. He’s covered coups in Fiji, elections in Papua New Guinea and tsunamis in Solomon Islands and Samoa. Campbell reports for both radio and television.


Maori Malay Polynesian University floated for NZ

Updated 3 April 2014, 18:46 AEST

New Zealand's Pacific Islander, Maori and Malaysian populations may soon have a university dedicated solely to teaching the history and traditions of their three cultures.

Complaints arise as campaigning starts in Fiji

Updated 1 April 2014, 19:51 AEST

The coalition of Fiji political parties, which will be campaigning in the September election, has filed a complaint against the country's interim prime minister, saying he has breached the country's election decree enacted by his military-backed regime.

Fiji welcomes the end of 'ineffective' sanctions

Updated 1 April 2014, 11:14 AEST

The Fiji Government has welcomed the decisions by New Zealand and Australia to lift all sanctions on the military government.

Manus landowners say reports of what happened spread quickly

Updated 18 February 2014, 18:37 AEST

While there's still uncertainty and lots of unconfirmed reports being presented by politicians and officials about what happened at the Manus Islands centre last night, on the island itself the news has spread like wildfire, with locals employed there sharing their experiences from last night.

Moves to eradicate Mynas in Cook Islands

Updated 3 January 2014, 18:51 AEST

A small island in the Pacific is hoping to be the first place in the world to declare itself totally free of the invasive Myna bird.

McCain uses Palau to raise China concerns

Updated 30 December 2013, 18:30 AEST

Former US Presidential candidate John McCain has criticised China over its decision to enforce flight restrictions over parts of the East China Sea which is the subject of a dispute with JapanSenator McCain is in Palua for the Christmas vacation, a destination he regularly visits with his family.

Aid and women's issues focus of Australian Pacific delegation

Updated 18 December 2013, 14:10 AEST

An Australian parliamentary delegation leaves Solomon Islands for Nauru today.

Police union expresses concern over PNG deployment

Updated 4 November 2013, 14:33 AEST

The first of 50 officers from the Australian Federal Police force are beginning patrols in Papua New Guinea today.

More intimidation allegations against Solomon Islands' PM Darcy Lillo

Updated 17 October 2013, 19:56 AEST

Pacific Beat has heard allegations that the head of the Solomon Islands Anti-Corruption network Barnabas Henson had been forced to resign from his job at a private company due to political pressure.

Solomons' parliament withdraws political integrity bill

Updated 8 October 2013, 18:39 AEST

The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Gordon Darcy Lillo has withdrawn a political integrity bill, which would help limit party hopping by the country's MPs.

NZ aid agencies to unite in natural disaster response in Pacific

Updated 7 October 2013, 17:58 AEST

Seven New Zealand aid and development agencies have formed an alliance to deal with natural disasters around the region.

Going organic gets a boost in the Pacific

Updated 2 October 2013, 13:24 AEST

When it comes to food production there is a big push for producers and consumers to go organic.

'Fashion in paradise' - Fiji's regional showcase

Updated 2 October 2013, 9:24 AEST

Fiji Fashion Week opens tomorrow night, showcasing the designs, the colours and the flavours of the Pacific.

Betelnut ban in Port Moresby yet to bite

Updated 2 October 2013, 9:23 AEST

A ban on the sale of betel nut came into force in Port Moresby yesterday.

Solomon Islands' rural development gets $US3m extra funds

Updated 2 October 2013, 9:22 AEST

The Solomon Islands' Rural Development program has received a financial boost with the World Bank providing a $US3 million grant in additional funding.

US shutdown could have an impact on employment in Hawaii

Updated 2 October 2013, 9:18 AEST

Tourism operators in Hawaii say the US shutdown is just a "small bump in road" but warn it could have a significant impact on employment.

US shutdown has repercussions for its Pacific territories

Updated 2 October 2013, 9:17 AEST

The US government has been shut down after a stand-off between Republicans and Democrats over president Barack Obama's signature healthcare reform.

Marshall Islands' president challenges world leaders on climate change

Updated 27 September 2013, 11:52 AEST

The president of the Marshall Islands, Christopher Loeak, has told the UN General Assembly that it's time for world leaders to stop turning a "blind eye" to the realities of climate change.

Tongan community supports NZ's stand on MA-60 aircraft

Updated 27 September 2013, 11:19 AEST

The Tongan community in New Zealand has thrown its support behind Wellington's tough stance on Tonga's controversial MA-60 aircraft.

Fiji's CCF give detailed analysis of new constitution

Updated 23 September 2013, 14:02 AEST

At the start of the month Fiji's newly drafted constitution was given assent into the law of the land, the first time the island country has had one since the previous constitution was scrapped by the military backed regime in 2009.

Manus MP welcomes new Australian Prime Minister

Updated 10 September 2013, 16:30 AEST

The MP representing Manus Island in Papua New Guinea's parliament Ronnie Knight, says he's glad Australia has a new government, and that he hopes it will get serious about ensuring his region gets some benefit from the Australian run Asylum seeker and detention centre.

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