Karon Snowdon

Karon Snowdon

Karon Snowdon

Karon Snowdon


In almost 25 years as a journalist Karon has worked in radio and TV. She has been the ABC’s business correspondent for 14 years, and reported from many countries in Asia. Her earlier career was in agricultural science with Australia’s research organisation, the CSIRO.


Indonesia's losing presidential candidate to challenge result, says lawyer

Updated 23 July 2014, 15:16 AEST

The head of the legal team for Indonesia's losing presidential candidate has announced the election result will be challenged in the Constitutional Court.

Business leaders gather to prepare G20 wishlist

Updated 17 July 2014, 12:51 AEST

The G20 has been getting down to business in Sydney.

Call for Indonesian presidential hopeful Prabowo to be investigated

Updated 3 July 2014, 12:39 AEST

The questionable past of the man who might be Indonesia's next President makes him unsuitable for the job according to one of his former superiors in the army.

Australian Government's revamped aid criticised

Updated 19 June 2014, 12:44 AEST

The Australian Government's revamped foreign aid program has come in for some concerted criticism.

Japan opens up to foreign workers due to labour shortage

Updated 13 June 2014, 17:25 AEST

Japan's economy is emerging from its own 'ice age', and it's struggling to find enough workers to fill demand.

India's PM Modi goes after black money

Updated 10 June 2014, 12:19 AEST

In one of his first decisions, India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it a priority to track down billions of dollars stashed overseas to avoid paying taxes.

World Bank on warning signs in China's economy

Updated 9 June 2014, 12:31 AEST

China's high debt levels continue to cause concern, with the World Bank now saying it poses a risk to the economy.

Thai coup boosts consumer confidence

Updated 5 June 2014, 12:54 AEST

Democracy may be on hold in Thailand but consumer confidence and the stock market are up.

Tiananmen witness says China should acknowledge killings

Updated 4 June 2014, 12:35 AEST

Chinese citizen Wang Xu was visiting Australia in late 1989 when relatives warned him not to return to China.

Norco milk - Kim Honan

Australian food producers face big rewards and challenges in China

Updated 28 May 2014, 14:57 AEST

Australian food producers have been warned against complacency when it comes to the Chinese export market.

China's crackdown against terrorism in Xinjiang

Updated 27 May 2014, 12:31 AEST

Chinese authorities have arrested around 200 people and broken up 23 so-called 'religious extremist' Uighur groups.


China asks Australia to change labour laws

Updated 26 May 2014, 13:17 AEST

A senior Chinese government representative says Australia should reform its labour laws to encourage foreign investment.

Role for Australia in preventing poverty-making land grabs

Updated 22 May 2014, 12:51 AEST

A new report, the 'Great Land Heist', has called on the Australian government to support efforts to prevent land grabs.

Government quiet on boost to Australian defence spending

Updated 15 May 2014, 12:39 AEST

The Australian Government has been busy selling its national budget.

Felisa with sign accouncing the construction of permanent housing

People still struggling six months after super typhoon Haiyan

Updated 9 May 2014, 10:37 AEST

Six months on from the devastation caused by the strongest typhoon ever to hit land, and the Philippines is still struggling to get on top of a huge rebuilding programme.

Man with chainsaw in Riau Province, Indonesia

Indonesia calls for action on deforestation, climate change.

Updated 7 May 2014, 15:30 AEST

Singapore has warned that South East Asia is at risk of environmental vandalism from corporate greed.

China premier on four-nation swing through Africa

Updated 6 May 2014, 13:02 AEST

China's Premier Li Keqiang has acknowledged there are "growing pains" in China's relations with Africa as he embarks on a four nation visit.

ASEAN flags in Brunei capital

Brunei opts for conservative Sharia penal code

Updated 5 May 2014, 10:20 AEST

The oil-rich sultanate of Brunei has become the first South East Asian nation to introduce a strict form of national Islamic law.

Aid groups warn Commission of Audit paves way for Australian Government to break election promise

Updated 2 May 2014, 17:47 AEST

Aid groups are describing the Australian Government's Commission of Audit as paving the way for a broken election promise on overseas aid.

Felled logs in forest

Indonesia's APP hopes to be green role model.

Updated 1 May 2014, 14:56 AEST

Indonesia's largest pulp and paper company has announced plans to restore one million hectares of rainforest.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Australian casino billionaire rebuffed by Sri Lanka

Updated 29 April 2014, 17:15 AEST

Public protests in Sri Lanka have dashed the hopes of one of Australia's richest men to build a casino in the capital Colombo.

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