Court dismisses appeal against General Elections | Asia Pacific

Court dismisses appeal against General Elections

Court dismisses appeal against General Elections

Updated 19 March 2012, 18:55 AEDT

Fiji's High Court has removed the last barrier to next month's general election.

It's hoped that the election will restore Fiji's democratic system, suspended since George Speight and his followers stormed the parliament on May the 19th last year. Today the High Court rejected a challenge to the elections lodged by the Citizens' Constitutional Forum, which argued that President Josefa Iloilo acted wrongly when he formally dissolved the elected parliament in March. The Citizens' Forum said the President should have recalled the parliament, after the courts declared Fiji's post-coup government to be illegal. The Judge agreed that not all the President's actions were constitutional, but rejected the challenge overall. As Citizens' Forum lawyer Sir Vijay Singh explains, the Judge ruled that exceptional circumstances left Fiji's President no choice but to act outside the law.

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