'Dictatorship' cries after parliament suspended | Asia Pacific

'Dictatorship' cries after parliament suspended

'Dictatorship' cries after parliament suspended

Updated 19 March 2012, 18:55 AEDT

Opposition parties in Sri Lanka have accused President Chandrika Kumaratunga of edging towards dictatorship after she suspended parliament overnight.

The President prorogued parliament for two months, stalling a planned no confidence vote against her Peoples Alliance government, which lost its parliamentary majority three weeks ago, when a key ally defected to the opposition. The President's own position is not at risk. She is directly elected and her term does not end until November 2005. However, the President needs parliamentary support to pass finance bills and other legislation. Peter Mares asked political commentator Dr Jehan Perera how the President had justified the suspension of parliament.

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