Visit to India a test of Musharraf's leadership | Asia Pacific

Visit to India a test of Musharraf's leadership

Visit to India a test of Musharraf's leadership

Updated 19 March 2012, 18:55 AEDT

The war-torn territory of Kashmir is set to top the upcoming summit between India and Pakistan's leaders this weekend in Agra.

Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf are to hold their historic talks on Sunday, breaking a two year diplomatic rift between the South Asian neighbours. It's unlikely the summit will result in any major break-throughs on the 50-year long Kashmiri conflict. But the fact that the talks are happening at all, has raised hopes in the region that closer ties between Pakistan and India will reduce tensions over Kashmir and both countries military and nuclear programs. On the Pakistani side the talks are being seen as a test of the leadership of the self-appointed President Musharraf. Tricia Fitzgerald reports.

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