75% of Tongan women experience violence from men | Pacific Beat

75% of Tongan women experience violence from men

75% of Tongan women experience violence from men

Updated 13 March 2012, 18:29 AEDT

Three out of every four women in Tonga experiences violence at the hands of a man at some point in their life.

That's according to the first national report on Violence Against Women which has been launched in the capital, Nuku'alofa.

The foreword to the report was written by prime minister Lord Tuivakano, who also spoke at the launch ceremony.

Legislation to combat violence against women has been drafted and will go to Parliament shortly.

Gabriella 'Ilolahia, research coordinator at the Tonga Women and Family Centre tells Bruce Hill her researchers were told of horrific instances of violence against women, at the hands of husbands, fathers and teachers.

Presenter:Bruce Hill

Speaker:Gabriella 'Ilolahia, research coordinator, Tonga Women and Family Centre


Bruce Hill

Bruce Hill


Bruce is one of the Pacific’s most experienced journalists with nearly 20 years covering the region and has won several international awards.

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