A glimpse into the secret world of geisha | Untitled

A glimpse into the secret world of geisha

A glimpse into the secret world of geisha

Updated 15 February 2012, 14:38 AEDT

The first Westerner to work as a geisha in Japanese history says she's very happy about her work and wants to achieve more in and outside her geisha career in future. 

First going to Japan as an exchange student, an Aussie girl from Melbourne, now known as Sayuki fell in love with Japanese culture and eventually became a professional geisha after completing studies at Keio University and Oxford where she earned her doctorate.

Sayuki says overcoming the initial hurdles was not easy but she's proud to have been working actively as a geisha ever since in Japan and overseas. She tells her story and shares a rare insight of the geisha’s world.

Presenter: Adelaine Ng

Speaker: Sayuki, the first Western geisha in Japan


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