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Anti-retrovirals help stop spread of HIV

Anti-retrovirals help stop spread of HIV

Updated 18 January 2012, 17:20 AEDT

There's a dangerous complacency in the Australian community that if you're not gay, an injecting drug user or a sex worker, you're not at risk of HIV AIDS.

Domestic infection rates, which have stabilised at about 1000 cases a year, have not come down significantly, despite the efforts of healthcare professionals and affected communities. And regionally the situation is grim. There are fast-growing epidemics in many of the big cities of south-east Asia as well as many Pacific islands. So this is no time to ease up on vigilance about HIV and that's why hundreds of health professionals, scientists, policy makers and frontline members of the medical community are meeting in Sydney this week for the Australasian Sexual Health Conference.

Presenter: Linda LoPresti

Graham Hart, head of the Centre for Sexual Health & HIV Research at University College in London


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