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Australian businesses seek 'Asian literacy'

Australian businesses seek 'Asian literacy'

Updated 18 January 2012, 16:35 AEDT

Australia's government is again under pressure to do more to boost Asian language skills, and to arrest the dramatic decline in Indonesian language teaching.

However, a senior Australian minister says bringing the national budget out of deficit by 2012 is a higher priority.

The issue of Asia literacy is key in a new report on Australian business investment in Asia, based on a survey of 380 diverse Australian companies.

Among the findings are that 65 percent of Australian board members have no Asian experience, with companies crying out for greater capacity in Asian lanugage, culture, law and politics.

Presenter: Linda Mottram

Speaker: Heather Ridout, Australian Industry Group CEO; Jenny McGregor, AsiaLink CEO; Dr Craig Emerson, Australia's Trade Minister


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