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Australian Greens Leader wants inquiry into undersea mining | Pacific Beat

Australian Greens Leader wants inquiry into undersea mining

Australian Greens Leader wants inquiry into undersea mining

Updated 15 February 2012, 12:32 AEDT

Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown, has returned from Papua New Guinea vowing to push for an Australian Senate inquiry into the impact of undersea mining.

PNG is home to the world's first deep sea mining project.

It's owned by the Canadian firm Nautilus Minerals and will extract gold and copper from the floor of the Bismark Sea.

Senator Brown says he's worried that if the technology succeeds, it could be used in every ocean in the world.

He's also concerned about the impact of the Ramu Nickel mine in Madang dumping its contaminated mine waste into the sea.

The mine is majority owned by the Chinese government and the Australian-based firm Highlands Pacific is a junior partner.

Next month PNG's National Court will make a final decision whether to grant landowners a permanent injunction to stop the dumping.

Bob Brown says there's growing opposition to the mine's actions.

Presenter: Joanna McCarthy in Canberra

Speaker: Senator Bob Brown, Australian Greens Leader

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