Australian PM's atheist stand | Asia Pacific

Australian PM's atheist stand

Australian PM's atheist stand

Updated 6 January 2012, 9:55 AEDT

As a child, she was a Baptist, now she's an avowed atheist.

Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard this week completed the image of a thoroughly modern Australian leader by telling the nation she doesn't believe in God. Some media eyebrows were raised, and mention was made of the tradition of church going by Australian Prime Ministers. But does it really matter to Australians and is there really a tradition of good Christian adherents filling Australia's top political job?

Presenter: Linda Mottram

Julia Gillard, Australia's Prime Minister. Rob Chalmers, editor "Inside Canberra". Lyle Shelton, chief of staff, Australian Christian Lobby. Iqebal Patel, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

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