Big John Newman's world: Photos from Cambodia

Big John Newman's world: Photos from Cambodia

Big John Newman's world: Photos from Cambodia

Updated 29 January 2013, 17:23 AEDT

As Radio Australia's first photo challenge, My Street, draws to a close, we're taking time to highlight some of our favourite contributions and the photographers behind them.

One of those photographers is John Newman, based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he's lived since September 2011.

He says he's a confessed workaholic, trying to make a business profitable in Sihanoukville. The business, Chil-axn Hostel, Beach On The Hill BBQ and as of two days ago PartyOn Bar, is now just over a year old.

Prior to moving to Cambodia, he lived in Thailand for 16 years - 15 in Bangkok, two months in Khon Kaen and seven months in Ranong.

Big John is a graphic designer by trade, who also studied marketing and worked in sales, marketing, printing, publishing and advertising.

He's originally from South Australia, which is where he learned to cook. Over the years, he's cooked or grilled for over 200 people at frizby tournaments and 2000 people at rugby tournaments and charity events.

The original photo that caught our eye from Big John is one of cows walking down the street. But with so many BBQs under his belt, we can't help but wonder how frightened they must be to run into him!


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