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Cook Islands Rugby League ready to face NZ

Cook Islands Rugby League ready to face NZ

Updated 15 February 2012, 12:05 AEDT

The Cook Islands Rugby League team is confident it will put up a strong performance when it plays New Zealand in Rarotonga next month.

On the sixth of October, New Zealand, the current Rugby League world champions will travel to Cook Islands for a one-off test match.

The Cooks is not known as a league powerhouse, but like many Pacific countries it has supplied players to league and union teams and nations around the world.

Kevin Iro is one of those, having represented New Zealand, and played in both Australia's ARL competition and also in England.

He is now back in Rarotonga, and is the coach of the Cook Islands team.

Last week he was in Auckland, and during a break from covering the Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting, Pacific Correspondent spoke to him about the upcoming game.

Presenter: Pacific Correspondent, Campbell Cooney

Speaker: Kevin Iro, Cook Islands Rugby League team coach

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