Death Cafes grow around the world

Death Cafes grow around the world

Death Cafes grow around the world

Updated 1 November 2013, 15:20 AEDT

A network of cafes where people can talk about death and dying is sprouting around the world, including Australia. 

The so-called Death Cafes were set up to help people prepare for the time when death knocks either for themselves or their loved ones.
While Death Cafes are a relatively new phenomenon in Australia, they are becoming popular in states like New South Wales and Queensland.
Asia's first Death Cafe starts in Singapore this month and following this interview, there are efforts in Papua New Guinea to explore the setting up the first Death Cafe in the Pacific Island region.
The interview asks what happens at these Death Cafes and whether talking about death can help us live life better.
Presenter: Adelaine Ng
Speakers: Kim Ryder, Death Cafe facilitator on the Central Coast of New South Wales.
Ava Reyerson, educator in specialist in death and dying issues, Death Cafe facilitator in Perth, Western Australia.
Mary Wellington, multicultural health worker for the PNG community in Cairns, Queensland

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