Empowering men to stop family violence in PNG

Empowering men to stop family violence in PNG

Empowering men to stop family violence in PNG

Updated 23 October 2013, 10:03 AEDT

The target is "1,000 Strong Men Against Family Violence" by the end of 2013

"It may be ambitious," admits Eddie Aila, a behaviour change consultant and motivational speaker from Papua New Guinea, but his enthusiasm is infectious.  He has recently launched a series of  workshops, run by men for men, where participants can explore the roots of domestic violence and find out what they can do to break the cycle of entrenched negative behaviours.
"There are a lot of empowerment programs for women, funded by AusAid, NGO's, the churches," explains Eddie Aila," But no one was really doing work with the men."  While these awareness programs for women are valuable they do address the aftermath of family violence, says Aila who wants to tackle the issue before it arises.  
The goal of his men-only workshops is  to empower men, the main perpetrators, to recognize the triggers and to give them tools to stop violent patterns. He says loss of cultural values,  poor communication skills, past traumas combined with the daily pressure of cost of living and lack of opportunities contribute to negative behaviours which lead to family violence.  
His awareness workshops offer an environment where men can open up and share their stories.  They are attracting a growing number of  men from all walks of life. The next one will be held in Waigani on November 3. 
Speaker: Eddie Aila from Aila Consulting Limited
Presenter: Isabelle Genoux

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