Expert advice: How to take better pictures with your mobile phone

Expert advice: How to take better pictures with your mobile phone

Expert advice: How to take better pictures with your mobile phone

Updated 16 January 2013, 12:18 AEDT

Brad Canning is an Australian mobile photography enthusiast. He’s been an avid mobile photographer for about two years. During that time he’s gained a great deal of experience and expertise, and thousands of followers on Instagram.

Brad started out taking pictures with a standard SLR camera but says the ease and convenience of mobile photography won him over.

“Your phone is always in your pocket, so it’s really easy to capture the moments,” he told Radio Australia’s My World project. “I never ever carry a massive camera around.”

But while snapping pictures with your mobile phone may be easy and convenient, it also has its challenges.

“You’re a bit challenged with what you can do,” Brad said. “It’s only really ‘point and shoot’. You can’t really do much depth of field.”

That’s where mobile photography’s different applications, or ‘apps’, come in. They’re a type of filter or skin that the photographer can add to a picture to alter or enhance it, so much so that some people have started to criticise their use.

If you ask Brad, using apps is part of what makes mobile photography so great - as long as you don’t overdo it.

‘“I definitely think it does make [the pictures] look better,” he said.”I’m not changing it a lot, it’s basically just enhancing.”

Follow him on Instagram @brradjack to see photos that he is taken. 

Mobile photography tips

If you’re interested in perfecting your mobile photography skills, here are some of Brad’s top tips for mobile photo excellence:

    1. Take as many photos as possible. It’s always better to have lots of photos to choose from when you go back to edit.

    2. Take photos at the start or the end of the day. The low sun provides great lighting and beautiful long shadows.

    3. Try action shots. These are shots where something is happening or where there is movement. They usually work well.

    4. Take photos from all different kinds of angles. Don’t be afraid to get down low.

    5. Explore a lot. A lot of the best photos happen when you see things that are new or that surprise you.

    6. If you’re using apps, don’t make the colours too bright. It will look unnatural.

    7. Keep the editing as close to the original shot as possible. Enhance the picture, don’t try to change it.

    8. Look out for your personal safety. If you’re able to go out to take photos with your phone, don’t be too obvious.


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