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Fiji business leader criticical of overseas unions | Pacific Beat

Fiji business leader criticical of overseas unions

Fiji business leader criticical of overseas unions

Updated 29 February 2012, 6:35 AEDT

The President of Fiji's Chamber of Commerce says a trade union delegation from Australia and New Zealand should try to come to Fiji again in future, but only if they have an open mind.

Fiji Chamber of Commerce President Peter Mazey says the coup installed military government was right to deport the delegation of unionists who arrived on Tuesday.

He says their threats to affect the country's economy to protest at what they see as a lack of rights for unions would only result in hardship for Fiji workers.

Mr Mazey says his members would be happy to speak to the union leaders from overseas, but not if their minds are already made up.

Presenter:Bruce Hill

Speaker:Peter Mazey, president, Fiji Chamber of Commerce


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