Harjito Sangaji's world - Photos from Yogyakarta

Harjito Sangaji's world - Photos from Yogyakarta

Harjito Sangaji's world - Photos from Yogyakarta

Updated 25 January 2013, 12:20 AEDT

As Radio Australia's first photo challenge, My Street, draws to a close, we're taking time to highlight some of our favourite contributions and the photographers behind them.

Harjito Sangaji is a librarian in a village in Indonesia's province of Yogyakarta, where he has been promoting reading for young people.

"The young people here love to read stories, but also learning practical skills for our village, especially about agriculture,' he says.

Being a librarian in a village, he is surrounded by books (his favourite author is the philosopher Muhammad Iqbal), but also by exciting cultural art forms, like the Jaran Kepang, the Javanese street dance that he captured on his camera.

"Photography can capture something that is fleeting. There is a flower on my street, the Wijaya Kusuma flower, that blooms only for one night. Photography can capture that. The fleeting moments become everlasting."

He loves that Radio Australia's My World ‘My Street’ theme gives him an experience of looking at streets from different parts of the world.

"It's amazing to see photos of new things that I have never seen before, these new things are amazing for me."

Thinking, looking, and taking pictures of streets also help him to think about how important streets are in our daily lives. 

"There's a street in Yogyakarta with an eroded foundation, and an old man on a bicycle fell and died there. So, thinking about streets is not just about aesthetics."


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