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Iconic Australian song celebrates 30 years

Iconic Australian song celebrates 30 years

Posted 7 December 2012, 22:31 AEST

The song "Solid Rock" by the Goanna Band has become one of Australia's most iconic songs.


It's now 30 years since Shane Howard wrote what became a huge hit single at the time - and has endured as an anthem for Aboriginal Land rights - three decades later.
To celebrate, Shane Howard went back to Australia's Red Centre for a special show at Uluru  and is embarking on an Australian tour.
He joined Tracee Hutchison in the studio to talk about the song's significance.
Presenter: Tracee Hutchison
Speaker: Singer-songwriter Shane Howard


Tracee Hutchison

Tracee Hutchison


Tracee is a broadcast journalist, presenter and author with over 25 years experience in radio and television.

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