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Indonesia admits illegal logging beyond its control | Connect Asia

Indonesia admits illegal logging beyond its control

Indonesia admits illegal logging beyond its control

Updated 18 January 2012, 16:45 AEDT

Indonesia - the nation ranked the world's third largest greenhouse gas emitter and with some of the most endangered animals - has acknowledged it has rampant illegal logging.

The admission is surprising because it comes from the Forestry Minister and carries the implicit admission he can do little about it.

Central Kalimantan is home to endangered orangutans and tigers but despite the many national laws, the Indonesian government says only 20 per cent of plantation companies and less than two per cent of miners have permits to operate there.

It is also where the Australian Government plans to spend 30 million dollars in partnership with Indonesia on carbon reduction schemes.

Presenter: Karon Snowdon

Speaker: Elfian Effendi, executive director, Greenomics

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