Indonesian pop star chosen as UN ambassador | Asia Pacific

Indonesian pop star chosen as UN ambassador

Indonesian pop star chosen as UN ambassador

Updated 6 January 2012, 10:40 AEDT

If you're listening to Asia Pacific in Australia, you might not be familiar with Indonesian pop-star Anggun, but she's a huge deal in Asia, and has a strong fanbase in Europe, where she settled after several Number One hits at home.

After moving to France in the mid-90s, Anggun began churning out a series of chart-topping albums, including Snow on the Sahara. The 1998 album is still one of the biggest selling albums by an Asian artist outside Asia.

All this time, Anggun's also been representing the UN on poverty awareness, and this year she's one of five celebrities who've been picked as Ambassadors for the Food and Agriculture Organisation, ahead of World Food Day later this month.

Presenter: Corinne Podger

Speaker: Indonesian pop star Anggun

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