Kevin Rudd takes on Julia Gillard for ALP leadership | Pacific Beat

Kevin Rudd takes on Julia Gillard for ALP leadership

Kevin Rudd takes on Julia Gillard for ALP leadership

Updated 24 February 2012, 18:41 AEDT

Australia's former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister has picked up the gauntlet thrown by the current PM Julia Gillard, to contest a leadership ballot on Monday morning.

Kevin Rudd says he's confident of securing the numbers for victory after receiving support from several Labor colleagues including at least three ministers.

Mr Rudd says he wants to finish the job that Australian elected him to do when he won the 2007 election.

Throughout the day, the now former Foreign Minister has been appealing to the Australian people to lobby their local member about who they want to be Prime Minister.

And we'll also hear what Prime Minister Julia Gillard who reiterated that whoever loses Monday's ballot must renounce any further ambition for the leadership.

She says she's been reassured of the numbers in her favour.

Our Canberra correspondent Girish Sawlani is speaking here with Helene Hofman.

Presenter: Helene Hofman

Speaker: Girish Sawlani; former Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister Julia Gillard

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