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New PNG Deputy PM Sam Abal sworn-in

New PNG Deputy PM Sam Abal sworn-in

Updated 15 February 2012, 12:57 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Abal has been sworn in as the country's new deputy prime minister.

He replaces Don Polye, who's been dumped, as Public Prosecutor's office initiated moves that could see Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare suspended from office.

It's alleged Sir Michael failed to submit financial statements between 1994 and 1997 and filed late statements between 1998 and 2004.

Under PNG's leadership code, if the Chief Justice appoints a leadership tribunal, Sir Michael will immediately be suspended from office.

There's speculation the Cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday was made in anticipation of Sir Michael's possible suspension.

Following the swearing in of Sam Abal as his new deputy, Sir Michael held a news conference in Port Moresby.

Sir Michael says he's step down as prime minister if he's referred to the leadership tribunal.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: PNG Correspondent Liam Fox

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