New women's magazine launched in PNG

New women's magazine launched in PNG

New women's magazine launched in PNG

Updated 10 August 2012, 12:18 AEST

A brand new, glossy, full-colour women's magazine hits the shops in Papua New Guinea this week.  It's called Stella, and it's hoping to give a voice to women not just in Papua New Guinea, but also around the Pacific region more generally.

A creative outlet for contemporary writers, poets, artists, illustrators, and photographers in the region, Stella magazine will cover a wide variety of topics such as fashion, arts, travel, health and life.

It hopes to provide a different perspective in covering the various aspects of women's lives across the Pacific.

"I wanted to see more positive stories coming out of our region," Stella's editor, Amanda Donigi told Heather Jarvis.

"So I thought that a women's magazine such as Stella would be a great outlet for some of our talented writers that don't have a platform at the moment to be published."

Amanda Donigi spoke with Heather Jarvis to tell her what else readers can expect and how they can get involved.


Presenter: Heather Jarvis

Speaker: Amanda Donigi, editor Stella magazine.

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