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Next generation of Olympians compete in Sydney | ABC Asia Pacific News

Next generation of Olympians compete in Sydney

Next generation of Olympians compete in Sydney

Posted 18 January 2013, 22:16 AEDT

It's been six months since athletes from around the world gathered together to show off their prowess at the Olympic Games in London.


Now the next generation of athletes is daring to dream big and put abilities to the test at the Australian Olympic Youth Fesitival in Sydney.
Competitors from 30 nations - including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji and Australia - are taking part in the five day event which comes to an end on Sunday.
Tracee Hutchison spoke with Mike Tancred, the Media Director of the Australian Olympic Committee.
Presenter: Tracee Hutchison
Speaker: Mike Tancred, Media Director, Australian Olympic Committee

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