Oscar-nominated film shines spotlight on Kabul | ABC Asia Pacific News

Oscar-nominated film shines spotlight on Kabul

Oscar-nominated film shines spotlight on Kabul

Posted 21 January 2013, 22:12 AEDT

Two young boys - best friends - dream of escaping a life of poverty by triumphing in their country's national sport.


It's a universal story but in this case, the country is war-torn Afghanistan and the sport is "buzkashi" - a dangerous form of polo played on horseback.
The film is "Buzkashi Boys" and it's one of the first major movie productions in the country since the fall of the Taliban.
It's been nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the Oscars and it's currently screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
Tracee Hutchison spoke to American Director, Sam French, who embarked on the project to tell stories beyond what he described as "bombs, bullets and burkas."
Presenter: Tracee Hutchison
Speaker: Sam French, director and co-founder, Afghan Film Project

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