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Perth Lord Mayor runner-up in international award | ABC Asia Pacific News

Perth Lord Mayor runner-up in international award

Perth Lord Mayor runner-up in international award

Updated 9 January 2013, 10:19 AEDT

The Lord Mayor of the West Australian city of Perth, Lisa Scaffidi, has been awarded runner-up in the 2012 World Mayor awards.

The Foundation says that under Mayor Scaffidi's leadership, Perth has become Australia's third city after Sydney and Melbourne - an assessment that could raise hackles in some other Australian cities.

The Mayor of Bilbao in Spain took top honours, while mayors in Indonesia, South Korea, New Zealand and the Philippines all made the top 10.
Laura Tchilinguirian spoke to Lisa Scaffidi, the only female mayor to make the list.
Presenter: Laura Tchilinguirian
Speaker: Lisa Scaffidi, Lord Mayor of Perth

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