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PNG landslide report slammed by critics

PNG landslide report slammed by critics

Updated 17 February 2012, 10:18 AEDT

A report into last month's tragic landslide in Papua New Guinea's Southern Highlands province has been slammed by both mineral and law and order watchdog groups.

The landslide at Tumbi killed nearly 30 people, and has left the area a disaster zone, and work on the nearby LNG project at a near standstill.

The PNG National Disaster Council has released a report into the slide, claiming it was caused by wet weather.

But locals and many others believe the quarrying being done in the disaster area did play a role, and are unhappy that factor appears to be ignored in the NDC report.

Presenter: Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney

Speakers: Stanely Mamu from LNG Watch in PNG; Dr Kristian Lasslett, lecturer in Criminology at the University of Ulster, a fellow of the International State Crimes Initiative, with responsibility for PNG, and a contributor to LNG Watch

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