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Record air pollution levels choke Beijing

Record air pollution levels choke Beijing

Record air pollution levels choke Beijing

Updated 30 January 2013, 22:12 AEDT

The Chinese capital Beijing is choking on years of rapid and largely unchecked industrialisation. 


For the second time this year, a thick toxic smog has descended over the northern part of the country.
The concentration of airborne PM 2.5 particles - the smallest and most dangerous - went literally off the chart yesterday, with health workers warning that just being outside posed serious health risks.
With many industries on a state-enforced slowdown, it's created other opportunities.
One Chinese entrepreneur is selling canned fresh air.
Presenter Tracee Hutchison is speaking to Fairfax China Beijing correspondent John Garnaut.
Presenter: Tracee Hutchison
Speaker: John Garnaut, Fairfax Beijing correspondent.


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