Removal of unexploded devices continues in Laos | Connect Asia

Removal of unexploded devices continues in Laos

Removal of unexploded devices continues in Laos

Updated 18 January 2012, 16:30 AEDT

Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd has announced more funding for rehabilitation services for people injured by unexploded ordnance in Vietnam and Laos.

Australia will invest A$2.5 million in Laos through the Convention on Cluster Munitions Trust Fund. This will assist the government to clear unexploded devices from heavily contaminated land - a legacy of the two million tons of ordnance dropped on the country during the Indochina conflict. Mr Rudd says Australian support will enable more families to farm on cleared land and hundreds of children to walk safely to school without risk of terrible injury or death.

Reporter: Cameron Wilson

Ms Kyoko Yokosuka, Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program in Laos

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