Right-wing firebrand may hold key to Japan election | ABC Asia Pacific News

Right-wing firebrand may hold key to Japan election

Right-wing firebrand may hold key to Japan election

Updated 11 December 2012, 14:06 AEDT

It looks almost certain that by this time next week Japan will have a new government lead by a new Prime Minister.

The new PM will be the country's seventh in six years, but exactly what kind of government they preside over is still an open question.

The once dominant Liberal Democratic Party looks set for a comeback, but with polls indicating support for them remains low, LDP leader Shinzo Abe may well have to look for Coalition partners amongst the many minor parties running this year.
The most visible of those is the right-wing firebrand former Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, whose Japan Restoration Party advocates turning Japan into a more independent, potentially nuclear-armed nation.
For some analysis of Mr Ishihara, Tracee Hutchison spoke to Dr Jeff Kingston from Temple University in Tokyo.
Presenter: Tracee Hutchison
Speaker: Dr Jeff Kingston, Temple University

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