Shuttlecocks fly as badminton takes off in Tonga | ABC Radio Australia

Shuttlecocks fly as badminton takes off in Tonga

Shuttlecocks fly as badminton takes off in Tonga

Updated 21 December 2012, 15:38 AEDT

Badminton may not be the most well known sport in the Pacific islands, but this family friendly sport is becoming more and more popular due to regional development work and an increase in funding.

Nadia Bleaken is the Regional Development for Oceania Badminton.  She talks to Heather Jarvis and Jill Scanlon about the development of the sport in the Pacific, and particularly in Tonga which has been the first country to implement the Badminton World Federation's ShuttleTime schools program. 

Presenters:  Heather Jarvis & Jill Scanlon
Speakers:  Nadia Bleaken, Regional Development Manager for Oceania Badminton
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