Swaziland choir of dreams tours Australia

Swaziland choir of dreams tours Australia

Swaziland choir of dreams tours Australia

Updated 13 March 2013, 15:58 AEST

The Possible Dreams International Choir is made up of young people from Swaziland who each have remarkable stories to tell.

Swaziland is a country devastated by extreme poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The choir's members have been victims of rape, HIV or other disease.
Maithri Goonetilleke is the man behind the choir's creation, using music to build hope and raise awareness of issues in Swaziland.
He also uses his medical background to provide emergency medical relief to HIV/AIDS sufferers and help with sustainable development solutions for the community in remote parts of Swaziland.  
Presenter: Phil Kafcaloudes
Speakers: Maithri Goonetilleke, executive director of Possible Dreams International and author, Vula Bevalile: Letters from a young doctor; Choir members Nothando Ntshingila, Promise Dlamini and Bekezela Bhembe


Phil Kafcaloudes

Phil Kafcaloudes


Host of Radio Australia's daily morning talk program.  In his nearly 30 years in the media industry, Phil has been a radio presenter, TV reporter and the ABC's journalism trainer.  

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