Vika and Linda live at Radio Australia

Vika and Linda live at Radio Australia

Vika and Linda live at Radio Australia

Updated 8 November 2012, 17:26 AEDT

Melbourne-based sister duo Vika and Linda talk about their music and perform live at ABC Radio Australia.

Musical duo Vika and Linda Bull are two sisters who grew up in Melbourne, but were never far from the Tongan roots of their mother.

That connection remains very much alive in their music and in the way they sing as well.

"We try to sing from the heart," Linda told Radio Australia's Isabelle Genoux. "The Tongans have a very particular way of singing, and it's very natural. I think maybe Vika and I sing the same way".

Vika and Linda are taking part in a series of performances and discussion underway at Melbourne's Arts Centre. Called 'Performance Enhancers', it brings together some of Australia's leading independent artists to share their stories and artistic influences.

For Vika and Linda, one of those influences is the work of Paul Gogan - the French Post-Impressionist painter who spent quite a bit of time in French Polynesia and is famous for his sometimes controversial representation of Polynesian women.

"The first memory we have of (his) work is a painting of his that our parents had in their bedroom, a woman in a rocking chair," Linda said. "A Polynesian woman".

His work came up again in their music when they were searching for an image to use as an album cover.

"We never sort of saw any other art that looked like our mum or our aunties," Vika said. "And it really appealed to us".


Presenter: Isabelle Genoux

Speakers: Vika Bull, Linda Bull


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