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Waka Tapu arrives in Rapanui

Waka Tapu arrives in Rapanui

Updated 6 December 2012, 15:20 AEDT

Two traditional Maori double hulled canoes, the Te Aurere and the Ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti  have just arrived in Rapanui, or Easter Island, after a three month voyage covering ten thousand nautical miles.    

The canoes, carved by Hekenukumai (Hector) Busby set out from Auckland in August, using traditional navigational methods to make their way to Rapanui.  Once there, the crew and guest of honour Hekenukumai Busby, were treated to a very special Polynesian welcoming ceremony.

Presenter:  Heather Jarvis
Speaker:     Karl Johnstone, Director of Te Puia, New Zealand Maori Arts & Crafts Institute, who were partners in the voyage.


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